Artillery Hornet 3D Printer Build Volume 220x220x250mm Ultra Quiet Printing Developed 32bit Mainboard & DC Heat Plate Nozzle 180℃-240℃ 0.4mm


  • Easy to use : Metal Integrated structure design,easy to assemble, use and maintain.95% highly pre-assembled,only 3 minutes to set up, no cable tangling danger, easy to install & maintain,quick to use.
  • Artillery Hornet Redefining Fashion of Classsic: Inspired by designs of Lamborghini sports car, Artilery Hornet is a mix of modern and classic . With the yellow and black contrast design,it blends the charm of science and technology with passion and vitality,redefining thefashion of classic,make it even more popular among youngers.
  • Aluminum Base + Sturdy Gantry Framework: Aluminum Base+Sturdy Gantry, fullmetal profiles to ensure the sturdiness and durability .The powersupply is reasonably protected in the base to prolong the service life;acombination of scientic built,stable,and concise design.
  • Patented Reverse Single Z-Axis,Z-Couple r,SmoothV-shaped Pulley.
  • Self-developed 32-bit Motherboard,Silent Printing,Replaceable Driver.
  • Artillery Hornet 3D Printer

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