Origional returned 3D printers in the UK and can only send to the UK

Used HICTOP D3 hero


They are original returns from our before customers, there are some reasons:
1 Find a better price in other places, in this case, the printer is fine without a problem.
2 There are some problems with the printer, such as the power supply, extruder or the main board which is broken and the one who bought it can not or do not want to wait for the free replacement from us.
3 Some people are green hands for 3D printers and do not know how to use it.
4 Return without telling us the reason.
Any way we can help you to repair it for free, better you have some tools like multimeter to check the printer and we can send you a replacement of the broken or missing parts for free.
Please include some photos or videos if you can(YouTube or Google links are also OK)

If you are good at repairing 3D printers, it is a good choice for you to save a lot of money.

All of them are in the UK and can only be sent to the UK.


Package included: 1 returned 3D printer with warranty 



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